Coex Aquarium

What to do in a rainy day in Seoul? Let’s head to the Coex Aquarium.

Coex Aquarium SeoulThis huge theme Aquarium with 3,000 tons of water and 40,000 marine wildlife of 650 species is based in the Coex shopping mall. The theme of the exhibit is called”Journey of Water” and it was designed to allow visitors to embark on an adventure that follows water on its way from the high Andean mountains, through the Amazon tropical rainforest to swamps, rivers, seashores, and finally to the depths of the ocean.

The walk starts with the exhibit of Korea’s Land and Fishes composed of very impressive replicas of fresh-water environment such as rice field, swamp, river and lake. Continue to the Fish Wonderland with the main theme of the fish infiltration into the world of human beings. This exhibit is particularly funny with a variety of devices of our every-day life modified into water tanks. You will see for example a refrigerator, washing machine, TV or phone booth invaded with fish.Coex aquariumCoex Aquarium Seoul

Follow your Journey to the Amazonia World where you can see the rare creatures such as piranhas, pirarucus, electric eels and otters.

As you are now right in the middle of the exhibition you can have a break in the kid’s aquarium  – small playground designed for kids.

After the break, the walk will lead you to the Mangrove and Beach area – beautiful landscape where the river meets the sea and the Seven Seas place – where you can see Nemo and thousands of other beautifully brilliant-colored fishes.

Continue your visit by watching the sharks, giant manatee and leopard seal. Another highlight is the 72m-long tunnel with a fantastic view of precious marine life including tens of sharks, sting rays and turtles, etc.

Seoul Coex AquariumMagic for Kids Coex Aquarium

Finish your journey with the Deep Blue Sea Exhibition Dark exploring the mysterious world of undersea with beautiful jellyfishes and giant crabs and the Penguin’s Playground.

Coex Aquarium is a wonderful place to spend 1 hour or 2 with your kids. But try to avoid the week-end afternoons as it may be very crowded.

Opening hours:

Every day 10 am – 8 pm


Adults – 28,000 won / Teens – 25,000 won / Children 22,000 won

Kids corner Coex Aquarium

How to get there:

· Blue bus : 143, 146, 301, 341, 342, 360, 362, 363, 401, 442, 640, 730
· Green bus : 2413, 2415, 3217, 3411, 3412, 3414, 3417, 3418, 4318, 4431, 4434
· Red bus : 9407, 9414, 9507, 1100, 1700, 2000, 7007
· Yellow bus : 01, 06, 07, 10, 41
· Airport terminal bus : 6000, 6006

Subway Line 2 – Samsung station, exit 5/6

Coex Mall Parking Area
· Underground 2~4th Floor
· 50% discount for Aquarium visitors up to 3 hours.
(discount price: 2,000 for 1 hour)Coex Aquarium map

For more information follow the link: COEX AquariumCOEX Seoul Aquarium

2 thoughts on “Coex Aquarium

  1. Hello, This is Jieun from Coex Aquarium which is in Seoul, South Korea.
    I was googling ‘Coex Aquarium’ and found this post.
    Thank you very much for uploading our information.
    But since there has been some changes about the ticket price,
    I’m going to need you to fix the information.

    Adult: 28,000won
    Youth: 25,000won
    Children: 22,000won

    Thank you so much and please feel free to email me if you need anything.


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