Mallipo Beach

Mallipo beach – beautiful light sand and clear water in Taean-gunMallipo Beach

It looks like the summer is back again, so why don’t head to the beach before winter sets in…

Last time, we discovered the beautiful landscape of Taean-gun and especially Mallipo beach – the best known and also said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Mallipo Beach

On the way, we’ve been amazed by the splendid sceneries of green rice paddies surrounded by the mountains.Mallipo Beach

Mallipo beach is a wide and large strip of sand located at the end of the route #32. If you are lucky enough to arrive during the high tide and if the weather is fine, the clarity of the water and its blue color is just impressive.Mallipo Beach

You can spend a beautiful day on the beach. Don’t worry about the food – there are many convenience stores, beach supplies stores, coffee shops and restaurants along the beach.Mallipo BeachMallipo Beach

As we came from Seoul for one-day trip, we didn’t have time to compare with other beaches, but we’ll definitely be back soon. Taean-gun has actually much more things and places to explore – Anmyeondo natural forest, Sindu Dune, Gaui Island, Kkotji beach, Cheolipo Arboretum and many others. For more information check Taean-gun websiteMallipo Beach

How to get there:

  • Bus to Taean from Seoul Nambu Terminal (departure every 10-40 minutes (06:40-22:00), 2 hour and 20 minute ride)
  • Express bus (departure every 20 minutes, 20 minute ride) or the city bus (departure every 20 minutes, 25 minute ride) to Mallipo from Taean Express Bus Terminal

Directions – see Seoul Map for Kids and FamiliesMallipo Beach

One thought on “Mallipo Beach

  1. We love Mallipo and have been there many times. It’s usually very quiet, although we have not been there in the height of summer. We always stay at Pinnochios pension, a family run business – they have beautiful gardens, wooden deckings all around and cook a lovely little breakfast of eggs, tomatoes and toast, just a stone’s throw across the road to the beach. It’s nice exploring around the peninsula too – a great get away without having to travel too far.

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