Bukhan River Biking Trail

Bukhangang Bike Path – beautiful and easy path along the North Han river to enjoy with your kids and family

     Bukhan River Biking Path

We just tested the recently opened new biking path listed in the 4 Rivers Cross-Country Cycling Passport and we LOVED it. We started our trip at Yangsu Station on the Jungang Line, east of Seoul and headed to Ungilsan Station and beyond, into the direction of Chuncheon. The path is  easy and “little bikers”-friendly. It is one of the flat riverside biking paths without hills almost exclusively far from any traffic road. The path gets closer to the road only on a couple of occasions, but luckily cars and bikes lanes are completely separated. As usual the path is very well maintained – along the road you’ll find coffee shops, toilets and ‘Certification Points’ which look like English red telephone booth. If you are a biking pro you should buy your ‘passport’ to the 4 Rivers Cross-Country Cycling Road Tour and stamp it at every certification point you meet.

We are not pros yet and we just rode our bikes 6 kilometers one way and back which was already a great achievement for our little bikers 😉 We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and took plenty of pictures with cosmos flowers. They are blooming right now!

We’ll be definitely back soon.

How to get there:

Yangsu Station on Jungang Line ()

You can rent a bike directly at the station (Attention: no children’s seats or bikes available)

For driving directions go to Seoul Map for Kids and Families

You can check our previous biking posts in the same region here and there.

For a comprehensive information about biking in Korea go to Riverside Bike trails

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