Family biking around Yeouido

Spring is just around the corner and it’s the time to go biking again. Last weekend we decided to make a tour of Yeouido on bikes and we loved it. There is a perfect biking trail all around the island. You can always find a restaurant or shop nearby and if you feel tired, easily return to your starting point in a breeze


We started our tour from the parking lot in Hangang River Park next to the 63 building and toured the island clockwise. We opted for the semi-biking semi-pedestrian road on the interior part of the island as it is more quiet and farther from the noisy Olympic Highway. This path is running along the Yeouido Saetgang Ecological Park. We parked the bikes for a while and enjoyed the walk on the wooden platforms watching the wintry burnt grass and feeding a couple of ducks.

Our second stop was at the level of the Saetgang Pedestrian Bridge. We climbed this beautifully designed bridge and admired the view of the park from the top.

Later on, we reached Yeouido Park and our kids convinced us to cross the park… and of course to stop by the playgrounds.

Finally, we didn’t make the whole round-the-island tour but just half of it and we’ll be definitely back soon to finish it  😉

If you need to rent a bike you can find rentals on the southern end of Wonhyodaegyo or Mapodaegyo bridges.

Cost: 3,000 won per hour (one-person bike) / 6,000 won per hour (two-person/tandem bike)
*You must leave a valid photo ID at the rental desk for the duration of your ride. 

Hours: 09:00-19:00 (May-August), 09:00-18:00 (March, April, September, October), 09:00-17:00 (January, February, November, December)

For localization, check Seoul Map for Kids & Families.

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