Free bike riding from Oksu Station (옥수역) Line 3 to Seoul Forest (서울숲)

Did you know that you can rent bikes for 2 hours for FREE at some metro stations and then just ride along the 80 kilometers long Hangang river cycling trails to enjoy the city from the riverside? Another reason why we LOVE Seoul so much ^^

Hangang Biking Lane near Seoul Forest

We tried it last weekend and had such a fantastic family ride that we wanted to share the information.

How does it work?

Take exit 2 at Oksu Station Line 3 and turn left. Walk towards the Han river or the train rails. Cross the street on the pedestrian crossing and you’ll see the bike rental just in front of you. The ajeossi at the rental shop will be very happy to let you chose one of his bikes in exchange of your ID and here you go! They have also plenty of little pink, blue and yellow bikes for kids with and without side wheels.

Take the narrow path going down opposite the rental shop and you will arrive to Hangang river park. We chose to ride upstream heading to our beloved Seoul Forest. It was a beautiful autumn sunny morning and we loved biking along the river while watching the trees starting to turn yellow and red as well as the huge clumps of Eulalia grass.

We crossed the wooden bridge and took on our right on the bike lane going around Seoul Forest. About 1 km further, we parked our bikes under a pedestrian bridge and then we walked towards the deers forest. The pedestrian overpass crosses the impressive 8-lanes wide expressway and provide a great connection between the river and the forest.  It was amazing to discover Seoul forest completely from the opposite side versus the standard entrance gates. We had enough time to admire the autumn colors, to feed fish and deers and then to take our bikes and ride back to Oksu Station.

Alternatively you can perfectly make it a walking trip too.

Don’t forget your ID if you want to rent a bike and it is better to bring your own helmet as we are not sure if you can rent one in the rental shop.

Opening hours:

Summer 08:00~20:00
Winter 09:00~18:00

To check the map of Seoul Cycling trails go here.

For more information about Seoul forest go to our page.


1 thought on “Free bike riding from Oksu Station (옥수역) Line 3 to Seoul Forest (서울숲)

  1. Thank you for this lovely entry. Now I have a plan for tomorrow and am looking forward to biking along the han river tomorrow from Oksu station. Thanks!

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