Hangang Gwangnaru Park – little bikers paradise

A section of the Hangang River Park great for your little ones to practice biking, skating or just to enjoy funny playgrounds

Nature in Hangang River Park

Springtime in Seoul is the best period for all kind of outdoor activities – walking, hiking, playing the ball, running, jumping and of course biking.

Our family loves to spend the afternoons outdoor. The kids become very excited every time we start packing a light picnic as it means for them that we are heading to one of the wonderful parks in Seoul.

Gwangnaru playgroundWe’ve been already to several different sections of Hangang River Park but recently we discovered the very south-eastern part – the Gwangnaru Park.

Gwangnaru Park is located east of the Olympicdaegyo Bridge and it’s very special for offering a wide range of bike-related facilities including bike racing track, unique bike-ride center, children’s bike-ride learning center and a rail bike tracks. The bike racing track featuring special bike courses like curvy roads or hurdled courses where advanced bikers can ride their BMX or MTB is located right after the Gwangjingyo bridge.

Gwangnaru map

Exercising bikes GwangnaruIf you continue walking, you’ll come to the large ‘unique bike-ride center’ where you can try to ride many types of special bikes – like a square-wheeled bike, a bike that goes sideways, recumbent bicycle, couple of bikes riding face-to-face and many others. Big fun for kids guaranteed!

Next to the bike-ride center, there is a beautiful playground in a giant bike shape surrounded by the bike-ride learning center tracks.

If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one for you and your kids close to the unique bike-ride center.

Take your time in this very bike-friendly area. I’m sure you will love it. And if you are done with cycling, there is another playground a few hundred meters further – this one in form of a space shuttle;-)

bike ride center Gwangnaru

Admission fee:

  • Unique bike-ride center: 1,000 won (20min)
  • Rail bike : 2,000 won

How to get there:

  • Cheonho station, Seoul Subway line 5 & 8 – Exit 1
  • Bus 340, 3411, 3211, 3311

For more information go to Hangang Gwangnaru Park website playground hangang gwangnaruBike tracks Hangang Gwangnaru

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