Namhan River Bicycle Road

Beautiful scenic bicycle road along the peaceful Namhan River. Stretching for more than 135 km, just 40 minutes away from Seoul downtown

Namhan River Bicycle Road

Built upon the old picturesque Jungang railroad section which closed in 2008, this recent bicycle (and pedestrian too) road was opened in 2011. The road starts from Paldang Bridge – just across the Han river from Hanam district, and it connects with Yangpyeong and continues further on.

It is a true paradise for bikers of all ages or even just hikers. The path is basically ‘flat’ with 3 lanes marked – two of them for bikers, the last one for pedestrians. It is totally car-free and safe for all the family. Most of the time, the lane is just winding along the river far from any car-road. You may take your own bike or rent one at several locations along the road. It’s also perfectly adapted for families with strollers or little kids, provided you use caution and respect the bikes-only lanes.

Being a recent development and being in Korea, all facilities are wonderfully maintained, clean, well-designed. A few coffee-shops or small restaurants are along the way every few kilometers. Rest- and picnic-areas can also be found at the best view-point locations. Restrooms are conveniently at reach when needed, too!

Overall, we highly recommend going there on a nice sunny day. The views are absolutely breath-taking! You may want to go early, especially on weekends – and possibly avoid the hottest months of the year, as there is little shade.

How to get there:

By train: Paldang Station

Going by car, we recommend to make a first right turn after Paldang Dam. Park your car close to the restaurants (we tasted and recommend the Korean-traditional Sigolbabsang, te. 031-576-8355). You can get on Namhan River bicycle path at the end of the road.

For directions, see Seoul Map for Kids & Families

Nearby attractions also include: Dasan Historical Park, Yangpyeong Wildflower Arboretum,  Sujongsa TempleDumulmeori Garden.

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