Where to bike in Seoul

Seoul is a paradise for bikers of all ages and levels. There are many bicycle trails and if you don’t have a bike, you can easily rent one directly in the parks or usually next to the main metro stations


  • Hangang river park is the easiest and the most convenient place for almost everyone to catch a bike lane and ride as far as you can. There are many different options to pedal along the river. Among the best spots to start are Hangang Gwangnaru Park or Yeouido Park.  The only inconvenience is that it may be very busy especially during the week-ends.
  • Seoul forest is another pleasant option where you can enjoy biking in the park and connect to Gangbyeonbungno-gil Road (the road along the northern banks of the Hangang River
  • In the southern part of Seoul, we recommend the trail of Yangjecheon Stream which goes from Yangjae Citizens’ Park to the Seoul Sports Complex (Jamsil).
  • If you are looking for some more natural trails, try the Namhan River Bicycle Road. You can easily reach it by train until Yangsu Station, rent your bike and ride as many kilometers as you want in the middle of the nature. Another bike rental option exists opposite the old Neungnae station. Enjoy!

A good tip to look for other great biking options is to check Naver Map (Korean only) with the biking-lane option on. If you know any other biking location or a good rent-a-bike, we’ll be very glad to hear from you in our comments section 😉

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