Canoeing with kids on Hongcheon River

Beautiful and quiet river great for summer days swimming and/or canoeing just one hour from Seoul

IMG_1185 IMG_1113

We discovered this place completely by accident while driving on the highway on our way to Chuncheon. The picturesque blue river is visible from the highway 60 just between two tunnels. As the weather was really hot and we were looking for a place to jump in the water, this little pebble beach just 5 kilometers from the Gangchon exit was just what we needed without driving the extra miles. We found a great spot in the shade of a tree surrounded by campers and fishermen and spent a great summer day swimming and canoeing in blue waters.

The river is very quiet with virtually no stream which makes it the perfect spot for kayaking or canoeing with kids. The sceneries are amazing. Many birds can be spotted along the river banks, flying above your canoe or plunging for fresh fish. We recommend to paddle upstream until the big rocks formation and come back around the island. It takes around one hour and the atmosphere is so relaxing.

You can rent a canoe or kayak directly on the beach for 20.000 KRW per hour. If you are looking for water skiing or scooter – you may find some rental options on the other side of the river or on the other beach located under the bridge.

Have fun!

Directions: Seoul Map for Kids & Families

Address in Korean:
무지개펜션 (Rainbow Pension) 강원 홍천군 서면 마곡리 31-10번지 / Tel: 033-434-1336

One thought on “Canoeing with kids on Hongcheon River

  1. I’m coming to Seoul on Octobor .First timer ,how can i reach this place through public transportation (safer i guess), or taxi if not possible ( how much will it cost ).

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