Icheon Termeden Hot Spring Resort

German-style spa resort near Icheon with hot water pools indoor and outdoor. Max fun for our kids in a beautiful environment

Termeden outdoor poolDo you dream about swimming in the hot water while watching the snowy countryside around you?

So do the trip to Icheon Termeden and you shouldn’t be disappointed. Icheon Termeden has an area of around 30,000 square meters. As the first German style spa resort in Korea it is located next to a thick forest. The water park has a very large indoor and outdoor bade pool (a shallow pool that has many underwater massage jets) and even if you don’t want to have a massage you can just walk, swim, or have fun in the water stream pool, which has a depth of 120 cm. There is also a small pool with water slide for kids, another pool for toddlers and babies and several medicated pools including a lemon bath, green tea bath, rooibos bath, herb bath,  jasmine bath and cave bath. Icheon Termeden pool Icheon Termeden started as a hot spring spa, but it plans to expand further into a multi-resort complex, which will include hotel and condominium facilities, an arboretum, a golf driving range, and horseback riding.

Termeden as its name says is the spa paradise and I’m pretty sure you and your little ones will love it.

As the admission fee is quite expensive don’t forget to bring all the credit cards you have and try to obtain some discount.

If you want to avoid the big crowd it’s always better to come during the weekdays or at least early in the morning.

Opening Hours

Men’s, Women’s bath
Indoor Spa Pool
Outdoor Spa Pool
Mountain Silde


32,000 won                  
36,000 won                   
22,000 won                  
26,000 won                  

Children under 36 months old are admitted free of charge but you have to show their ID card.

Icheon Termeden max-size indoor pool

How to get there


1. Take Express Bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon Station, Subway Line 2) to Icheon
(Bus schedule: 06:10-23:00, 20-60min intervals, Travel time: 1Hr)
Take local bus 16-1 from Icheon Bus Terminal to Maok Nonghyeop (마옥농협) Station

2. You can take a bus directly to Icheon Termeden from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. The bus departs twice a day at 09:20, 10:40.


See the maps below

For more information check http://termeden.com/

Termeden Korea map

Icheon Termeden spa map

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