Namdaemun market with and for kids

Our selection of kids-friendly shops in Namdaemun Market: children’s clothes, toys, stationery, ballet accessories, hanboks and more…

Namdaemun Market located next to Namdaemun, the “Great South Gate,” which was the main southern gate to the old city, is the oldest and largest market in Korea. The market is seemingly open round-the-clock and is a wonderful place to pick up inexpensive clothing, fabrics, jewelry, accessories, toys, food, flowers and stationery.Namdaemun market map

If you are interested to buy some kids clothes or shoes, there is really a big choice. Enter the market from the Shinsegae Department store and continue on the main road until you see Mesa store on your left. Just after Mesa, you’ll find the first big store Won Children’s wear with a big choice of kids’ clothes on the1st floor.

clothes, fashion namdaemun

won children's wear namdaemun

Mama children wear Namdaemun

Continue on the main road and take first on the left. You’ll see Mama, another huge store with childrens’ clothes on two floors. If you still haven’t find what you need, just continue on this street. There are several small shops with accessories followed by shoes shops on your left as well as other children’s cloths and shoes stores on your accessories and fashion Namdaemunchildren shoes Namdaemun

If you are looking for ballet tutu, slippers and other ballet accessories there is a good store right on the crossroads where are the informations. Just come back to the main road going from Shinsegae to the Namdaemun gate and when you see the informations look on your right. You can’t miss it.

ballet accessories kids Namdaemun

tutu dress Namdaemun

If you continue walking towards the Namdeamun gate, you will see several toys and stationery shops. The one you shouldn’t miss is Alpha. This is the paradise for all kind of stationery you ever could dream of as well as for massive choice of art and craft supplies. Their product ranges include pastels, papers, paints, children’s crafts, modelling materials, beads, canvases, easels, needlework, basic craft essentials, craft books, drawing pads, pens, invitation papers, folios, and more …. Just have a look and see!

stationery Namdaemun

pencils stationery Namdaemun

kids stationery namdaemun

Traditional Korean dress kids Namdaemunstationery kids Namdaemun

I really like Namdaemun Market. It’s a wonderful place full of color and excitement. If you go there during the week before lunch time, it’s not so crowded and easy to do even with children. Have fun shopping!

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