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Silleuksa Temple and Yeoju Ceramic Festival

Silleuksa Temple situated against a low hill on the north side of the river Namhan in Yeoju (Gyeonggi Province), is the only riverside temple in Korea. The site of the temple is really beautiful, especially now in spring and just before the Lotus Lantern Festival when the temples are already decorated with hundreds of colorful lanterns. Even though part of the temple was under renovation, we still could visit the main buildings, admire the 600-year-old ginkgo tree standing on the temple grounds and enjoy the view of the Gangwolhun, small pavilion located along the riverbank’s cliff, despite the construction works and concrete pavement on the other side of the river.

Just a 5 minutes walk from the temple is Yeoju Ceramics Expo. We’ve been lucky to be there exactly during the Yeoju Ceramic Festival which takes place this year 04.21.2012 ~ 05.13.2012. We had fun watching a short magician show, walking in the alleys while trying different kinds of Korean traditional food and listening to some percussion and Korean traditional songs. The main exhibition hall with a broad variety of ceramics including celadon, white, buncheong, and watae porcelain is worth visiting.

But the highlight of the day for my 4-year-old daughter was the ceramic workshop where she made this beautiful bowl 😉

How to get there:

  • From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Yeoju Terminal.
  • From Yeoju Bus Terminal, take a local bus (bound for Silleuksa Temple)

Admission fee:

  • Adults – 2,200 won
  • Children – 1,700 won

For more information about Silleuksa Temple – http://www.silleuksa.org/index.php

and Yeoju Ceramic Festival – http://www.yeojuceramic.com/


Icheon Cerapia and Seolbong Park

Ceramics for all to see, touch and make! Great, funny and colorful getaway one hour drive from Seoul

Icheon Cerapia

Icheon is known for being the center of South Korean ceramic manufacture and beside the ceramic villages, there is a wonderful ceramic theme park called Cerapia. Cerapia is a combination of words “ceramic” and “utopia” and this exhibition center of contemporary ceramic works has been open last year in Seolbong Park.

Start your walk around the beautiful Seolbong Lake, then cross the Recreation Park where your kids can ride a bicycle or run after the soccer ball on the vast flat land.

And then you can start walking up to the Icheon World Ceramic Center. Icheon Cerapia time capsulesOn your way up, you can enjoy the outdoor exhibition of many beautiful sculptures in mosaic, the time capsule in form of huge pottery kiln, the ringing tree composed with thousands of ceramic bells and a beautiful colorful playground made from broken pieces of ceramic bowls…

Don’t forget to check the interior of the Ceramic Center with a permanent exhibition of around 500 contemporary ceramic works by Korean and foreign artists; and one special exhibition hall which features works done for the World Ceramic Biennale International Ceramic Workshop event.  Icheon Cerapia outdoorIcheon Cerapia kids playground

On the first floor of Icheon CeraMIX Creativity Center you’ll find the CeraMIX Creativity Residency Studio where you can watch four different workshops of artists in ceramic lighting, in paper clay, glass artist in blowing, and glass artist in lamp working. There are also classes for kids in ceramic and ceramic painting.

How to get there :


  • Take Express Bus 1113-1 at Tachno Mart Gangbyeon Station, get off at Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, transfer to the bus bound for Icheon Terminal, get off at Icheon Fire Station (Icheon World Ceramic Center), and walk towards Icheon World Ceramic Center in Seolbong Park.
  • Gangnam Terminal – Icheon Terminal (Travel time: 60 min.) Every 30 to 50 minutes from 06:30 ~ 21:20 ☏ 02-535-4151
  • East Seoul Terminal – Icheon Terminal (Travel time: 60 min.) Every 15 to 20 minutes from 06:20 ~ 22:40 ☏ 02-446-8000
  • Incheon Intercity Bus Terminal – Icheon Terminal (Travel time: 90 min.) Every 60 minutes from 06:30 ~ 20:00 ☏ 032-430-7114
  • Suwon Intercity Bus Terminal – Icheon Terminal (Travel time: 90 min.) Every 15 minutes from 06:30 ~ 21:00 ☏ 031-267-7800
  • Seongnam Intercity Bus Terminal – Icheon Terminal (Travel time: 60 min.) Every 30 minutes from 06:50 ~ 21:00 ☏ 031-781-8668
  • Take Express Bus 500-1 or 500-2 at Jamsil Station or Seongnam Intercity Bus Terminal,get off at Tongwon College, transfer to the bus bound for Icheon Terminal, get off at Icheon Fire Station (Icheon World Ceramic Center), and walk towards Icheon World Ceramic Center in Seolbong Park.

Icheon Cerapia Seolbong Park

  • On the Jungbu Expressway : Exit at West Icheon IC
  • From Suwon and Yongin : Take Local Road No. 42
  • On the Yeongdong Expressway : Exit at Icheon IC
  • From Seongnam and Gwangju : Take Local Road No. 3

Icheon Cerapia Map

Fro more information visit Cerapia link

There are plenty of delicious restaurant on the main road coming from Seoul. We tried the 도락 in a beautiful traditional korean house and it was just delicious.

 Dorak Gallery & Restaurant Korean food Icheon