Daeseong-ri – scenic river walk

Mountain stream, bicycle path, water skiing and beautiful scenery by the North Hangang RiverDaeseong-ri Hangang

Last week-end we discovered a completely new and pristine place in Daeseong-ri, very close to the train station.Daeseong-ri Hangang

This area is popular for water sports lovers as there are several clubs located along the river bank offering all sorts of activities including water skiing, motorboating, wakeboarding, banana boating and paddle boats. For more information check Daesung Water Leports link from Korea Tourism Organization.Daeseong-ri HangangDaeseong-ri Hangang

Aside from water sports, there is a great bicycle lane – to be officially opened very soon. Although not yet fully ‘public-ready’, the lane spans a couple of kilometers with several smaller paths and even public toilets just waiting for the grand opening. This straight path running along the river is a perfect place for little bikers and the scenery is just amazingly spectacular. Shade can be limited in some portions so it is better to avoid the hottest days and to bring a cap and water supply.Daeseong-ri Hangang

As you enjoy your walk or ride, don’t forget to have a look at the railway bridge where the 구운천 ‘Gu-Ouncheon’ river flows into the North Hangang River. The turquoise color of the bridge shows up perfectly on the background of the blue water of the river and the greenery of the surrounding mountains. This is the best spot for pictures and for a break. I’m sure not only your kids will love to cross the beautiful river stone crossing.Daeseong-ri HangangDaeseong-ri Hangang

If you are hungry or thirsty, you will find several restaurants facing the river. Have a drink while watching the boats speeding on the river.Daeseong-ri HangangDaeseong-ri Hangang

What a nice and quite place to spend a day out of the city….

How to get there:


  • Jamsil – Daeseong-ri Bus #1115 from Jamsil; departs every 10min starting from 6am; About 20min faster than Cheongnyangni (1,400 won)
  • Cheongnyangni – Daeseong-ri Gyeonggi bus #765; departs every 20min starting from 6am (1,400 won)
  • Cheongnyangni – Daeseong-ri Bus #30; departs every 25min starting from 6:30am to M/T Village (1,100 won)
  • Cheongnyangni – Setteo Samgeori (transfer to the Daeseong-ri bus #1115) Bus #765; departs every 6~7min starting from 6am (1,400 won)


  • Take a train to Daeseong-ri at Cheongnyangni Station.

Directions: Seoul Map for Kids and Families

GPS: 37.6811897, 127.3805685Daeseong-ri HangangDaeseong-ri Hangang

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