Haneul World Cup Park

Haneul “Sky” Park – stunning views over Seoul, the Han River and Bukhansan providing ideal scenery for easy-going family walks and great photo opportunities

Summer is finally here and during the week-ends it looks like all the inhabitants of Seoul are heading to the greenery and parks. It has been a while since we went to the World Cup Park and this time, we decided to focus our visit on Haneul “Sky” Park, the middle section of World Cup Park.

We parked our car on the parking lot between Pyounghwa and Haneul Parks. It is conveniently located to connect with both of them. For Haneul Park, there is a bit of a workout as you will have to climb about 300 wooden stairs to reach the top.

View of Pyounghwa Park

Ascending or descending, the views are really worth the effort and the walk is easily manageable with kids or teenagers. If you are going with little ones you can also take an electric bus from the parking lot which will drive you directly to the top of the hill.Haneul Park is the highest of all the 5 areas of World Cup Park and the views of Seoul, Mt. Bukhan, Mt. Namsan, and the Han River from the top are just stunning.Haneul park is composed of grasslands and there are no trees so keep in mind that it may be really hot in late spring and summer and that the shadowed area for picnic are limited. Best season shall be autumn.

If you are looking for children’s playground, nice grass, trees and shade, head down to Pyounghwa Park. There are plenty of nice picnic spots around the lake.

How to get there :

From exit #1 of World Cup Stadium station (Seoul Subway Line 6), cross the street and walk 3 – 5 min toward Mapo Agriculture-Fisheries Market where you can take the free shuttle (20 min interval).

For more information about transportation go to http://worldcuppark.seoul.go.kr/parkinfo/parkinfo1_4.html

Pyounghwa Park
Pyounghwa Park

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