Seoul Iris Garden – Changpowon Park

Vincent Van Gogh irises atmosphere in a beautiful garden just few steps from the Dobongsan Station

May and June is definitely the best period to visit this beautiful garden nestled between Suraksan and Dobongsan mountains.

You’ll find there 130 species of irises as well as a Medicinal Botanical Garden and a beautiful Wetland with observatory deck overlooking the lotuses and other aquatic plants.

Even if the garden is quite small, you can spend easily one hour or two walking around, admiring the beautiful colors and surrounding mountains and of course walking on the wooden deck while watching the fishes, aquatic plants and the spectacular fountain.

Pack your picnic if you want to stay a bit longer. You will find easily a bench or you can just sit down on the grassy area near the entrance.

Operating Hours:

7:00 – 20:00

Admission free

How to get there :

Dobongsan Station (Subway Line 1, 7) Exit 2

3 thoughts on “Seoul Iris Garden – Changpowon Park

  1. Greetings from Denver, Colorado and Iris4u Iris Garden. I will be visiting Seoul the first part of April, sorry I can’t come in May, June and July when your Iris are in bloom but would love to meet with a representative of the Seoul Iris Garden to discuss the possibility of donating some of our Introductions of Tall Bearded Iris to your Garden. You may reply to my email address below or visit our web site;

    1. Hello Bob and thank you for your message. We guess Seoul Iris Garden will be very much happy with your project… You may possibly develop some international twin association. We recommend you contact them at the following phone number: +82 2 954-0031 (alternatively +82 2-2289-1114). Additional information or contacts may be found here: We hope you will enjoy your trip to Seoul!

      1. Thank You for your reply with the phone numbers. Is there an email which will also get me in contact with a representative/manager of the Seoul Iris Garden? Thank You for your help. Warm regards, Bob

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