Seoul Museum of History and Gyeonghuigung Palace

Interactive & attractive display of Korea capital city’s history from its foundation to the modern era. Don’t miss the oversized ultra-realistic city model!

outdoor exhibit tramway Seoul Museum of History

As it’s raining more often right now, maybe it’s the best time to visit some museums and exhibitions. The last rainy week-end we decided to have a walk around Gyeonghuigung Palace and of course we stopped by the Seoul Museum of History.

Just before it started to rain we had enough time to check the outdoor exhibition which is right in front of the entrance of the museum. We had much fun to get on the 1930′s street car that was operated in Gwanghwamun area and then of course the kids loved to watch the 27 stone monuments including the sheep and horses.

And then it started to rain so we had to go to explore the indoor exhibition. The Seoul Museum of History is huge so we decided to visit only the permanent exhibition on the second floor.

On the welcome page of the Seoul Museum of History, the Director of the Museums says “It is the Seoul Museum of History where a person attains knowledge and vision on how Seoul was born, has been transformed to the present as a world-class city, and will be changed in the future.” And it’s exactly what we felt while visiting the different halls. All the exhibits are very interesting and you can really motivate and catch interest even of the little ones. There is a touch museum – where you can directly touch ancient tools, the experience space – a corner made with presented real objects and model where you can directly work with replicated relics and there is also the amazing ‘Seoul City Panoramic Theater‘ which is huge and very realistic model of Seoul. It presents the entire 605.25 ㎢ Seoul cityscape at a glance under the theme of ‘Seoul, Now and in the Making.’ The dimensions of the hall is 317.29㎡ all fitted by the extensive size model(21.5m x 14.5m). You can watch the city as a bird, you can walk over it and of course you can find your favorite spots on the touch screens and turn their lights on on the giant model…Seoul city model Museum of History

Admission / Opening Hours:
Admission is free to all.
Weekdays: 09:00 to 21:00
Weekends 09:00 to 19:00 (March – October), 09:00 to 18:00 (November – February)

How to get there:
The Museum is located in walking distance from 5 subway stops.
Line 5 exit 7 at Gwanghwamun Station
Line 5 exit 4 at Seodaemun Station
Line 3 exit 6 at Gyeongbokgung Station
Line 2 exit 12 at City Hall Station
Line 1 exit 3 at City Hall Station

For more information go to Seoul Museum of History

Don’t forget to visit also the Gyeonghuigung Palace, right behind the museum.Gyeonghuigung Palace

And if you are looking for a restaurant after the visit, there is plenty of choice in the small street just next to the museum if you walk eastward. We tried the 산채향 restaurant specialized in 더덕 or English plantain. They put it everywhere – in the meat, in the rice, in the tea … and it’s just delicious.


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