Children’s museum

Children’s museum as a part of The National Museum of Korea is a great place to explore for kids of almost all the ages

Seoul Children's museum

Even if the total space is not so large, the kids can learn about four different themes. There are housing area, agriculture section with greatly equipped  ancient kitchen, music area with some really nice instruments and war space where the kids can wear like warriors and defend their fortress.

All the exhibitions are accompanied with some really cool stuff like the walls with magnetic puzzles, reproduction of the real artifacts or the broken pieces of the old pottery and vases which the kids can try to put all together in their pretend game to be an archaeologist or conservator.

If the weather is nice, there is an amazing outside playground.

Museum proposes lot of very interesting educational programs during the weekdays and weekends but unfortunately they are all provided only in Korean language.

Children’s museum is free for kids and adults but please just keep in mind that there are 6 different sessions for entrance as the number of admission per session is limited to 200 person. As for all the other cool places here in Seoul  the museum is really busy during the week-ends and it can be very hard to find the place but during the weekdays you can usually come at your convenience and enter without queuing.

1st Session 09:00~10:30
2nd Session 10:30~12:00
3rd Session 12:00~13:30
4th Session 13:30~15:00
5th Session 15:00~16:30
6th Session 16:30~18:00

For more information please check out directly the Children’s museum website.

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