Gwacheon National Science Museum

Multi-hall spacious science museum in the vicinity of Seoul Land Gwacheon, full of fun and educative discoveries. Suitable for all ages!

Gwacheon National Science Museum

The museum is great and huge. In the main building there are 2 floors with 6 halls of permanent exhibitions, one hall for special exhibition and a large outdoor space with 6 different theme parks.  

The permanent halls display the following exhibitions:

  • Aerospace with aviation simulator and launch control center
  • Advanced technology covering biology, medical research, robotics, energy and environment
  • Traditional Sciences  – talking about observation of celestial bodies and solar watch, showing the traditional Korean living sciences (Hangul, Korean houses and fermented food 🙂 ) and presenting applied sciences (pottery, Korean paper and printing, bows and arrows) and Oriental medicine
  • Natural History Hall with plenty of dinosaurs, fun and interactive geology tour of Korean peninsula and beautifully presented diorama of the land and ocean ecosystem of Korea.

The museum is well organized with many interactive games and activities where you will find something to learn and discover for the kids of all ages. The outdoor exhibition is also very inspiring with spaceships, dinosaurs, botanical garden and an Insectarium.

We particularly enjoyed the Advanced Technology exhibitions. There are many fun learning activities including building your own Digital City, scanning yourself to generate an avatar or watching amazing robots dancing Gangnam Style!

Opening hours:
9:30am – 5:30pm
Closed on Monday, New Year’s Day, Chuseok, day following National holiday

Admission Fee:
Adult 4,000 (Permanent Exhibition) / 2,000 (Planetarium)
Children (7-19 years old) 2,000 (Permanent Exhibition) / 1,000 (Planetarium)

How to get there:
Seoul Grand Park Station (Subway Line 4), Exit 5.

Localization: see Seoul Map for Kids & Families
For more information go to Gwacheon National Science Museum
For the outside park go to Gwacheon National Science Museum – Outside alternative


8 thoughts on “Gwacheon National Science Museum

  1. Can I assume that most if not all exhibits have descriptions and explanations in English as well? Hope to check this place out when i visit Seoul in Dec!

    1. No, there are rarely any descriptions in English/ translations. Still worth a visit though, just don’t bother reading in the museums.

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