Nami Island

Just 70 kilometers north-east from Seoul, Nami Island is an idyllic and romantic place for nature walks, biking tour and relaxation. Beautiful in every season, it can be overcrowded in week-ends – go early!

Beautiful Nami IslandI’ve been surfing several times on Naminara Republic’s website and I’ve been always thinking that I’d love to visit this place.

Namiseom near Seoul

So the last week-end the dream became reality and we really haven’t been disappointed.

The Nami Island is situated approximately 70 kilometers North-East from Seoul in the middle of the Han River. With an area of 460,000m2 and a circumference of 5 km, the island looks like a leaf floating on the river. Nami Island keeps his name after General Nami, a notable figure in Korean history who courageously fought in battles but died at the age of 26. Today Nami Island is a romantic destination not only because several movies shootings took place here (the most famous is the television drama series Winter Sonata).

Korea Namiseom traditions

Namiseom events

Nami Island is really an idyllic place for nature walks, biking tour (you can rent everything on place) and relaxation quite accessible from the city.There are Metasequoia Lane, Ginkgo Tree Lane, Pine Lane, Tulip Tree lane as well as Cherry blossoms Lane which make the stay on the island beautiful at every single season. You can also see lots of animals like ostriches, deers, squirrels, countless types of birds, ducks, geese, rabbits, turkeys, moles and others all living in liberty. And if you need a break, you will find all what you need in the middle of the island. There is plenty of restaurants (Korean, Italian, Japanese and Chinese) and very inspiring coffee shops and galleries situated all in the centre of the island.

As you may know Nami Island declared its cultural independence on March 1, 2006. Like other independent republics, Naminara Republic has its own national flag, anthem, passport, postage stamps, telephone cards, written characters, papers, and currency.
Trees Namiseom

For more inspiration, here is the content of the Proclamation of Independence :

We build a country.
On this island of songs, Nami Island, we build a fairy-tale country.
We adapt
We assimilate
We write fairy tales
We draw fairy tales
We live like fairy tales
We build a fairy-tale world
On this Nami Island where happiness and love lie
The sound of birds, water, and wind becomes one with our breathing
On this island of songs, river of music, we hum a song
The one and only small country inside the Republic of Korea
Where the freedom of imagination and creation reawakes our little dream

Naminara Republic is now born on Nami Island
And on Nami Island, everyone is Naminara citizens.

  • Entrance fee
Nami Entrance Fees
How to get there by car
Olympic Expressway(Seoul) – Gangil IC – Expressway 60(Gyeongchun Expressway, towards Chuncheon) – Hwado IC (towards Maseok/Chungpyeong) – Road 46 – Maseok IC (towards Chuncheon/Chungpyeong) – Road 46(towards Chungpyeong/Gapyeong/Chuncheon City) – Daesungri – Chungpyeong – Gapyeong five-way crossing (Turn right around SK Gas Station) – Road 75 -After 800m make a left turn – After 600m at the wharf for Nami Island
Nami Island roadmap
by Bus
To get to Nami Island, get off at Gapyeong Bus Terminal and then take a taxi to Nami Island parking lot.
Buses going to Nami Island depart from:
East Seoul Terminal( 02-446-8000 (1h 20m)
Sangbong Terminal ( 02-323-5885 (1h 20m)
Chuncheon Bus Terminal( 033-241-0285 (25m)
by Shuttle Bus
Nami Island by BusFor further information go to

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