Baeksasil Valley and Buam-dong walk

nature in Seoul - Baeksasil Buam-dongLast week-end we discovered another amazing place to visit with kids. Inspired by Goneseoulsearching blog, we decided to explore the area of Buam-dong. This peaceful village located north of Bugaksan, east of Ingwansan, and south of Bukhansan is actually listed of many Korean Drama Tours.

Sanmotoonge cafe

When you start your walk at Changuimun you immediately feel like being in the countryside. Take the narrow streets and enjoy the calm and the colors. There are many small galleries and coffee shops in the village but the most famous and the most visited and photographed one is without any doubt the Sanmotoonge Gallery&Cafe. It’s actually a great break for a coffee and a cheese cake. Your kids will be more then happy to bike the old style rusted tricycle while you can enjoy your coffee on their beautiful terrace with the best view of the surrounding mountains.Baeksasil Buam-dong

Baeksasil Buam-dong map
Map of the area. Click to enlarge.

After this wonderful break just continue on the main road and follow the sign to the Baeksasil Valley. Baeksasil Valley is a beautiful and natural forest with many different trails. You can follow the streams while listening to the birds and let your kids running around.  The sceneries are just amazing. Lee Hang-bok, a prime minister from the Joseon dynasty, built a villa in the central area of the valley. This spot with remaining cornerstone of the building and some stones from his pond is very popular for picnics.

How to get there:

Take the bus No. 0212, 1020, and 7022 at Exit 3 of Subway Line 3, Gyeongbokgung Station and get off at Buamdong Community Center or Jahamun-gogae bus stop.

Sanmotoonge Gallery - Buam-dong

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