Ho-Am Art Museum with its Traditional Korean Garden

Traditional Art and Beautiful Korean Garden in perfect harmony with the nature just one-hour drive from Seoul

Few people know that right next to the Everland amusement park lies a hidden jewel of natural beauty – Ho-Am Art Museum and its Garden. For those familiar with Everland, you certainly already noticed that right past the Expressway exit a magnificent and peaceful valley welcomes you surrounded by gentle hills and forest.

When you start your walk from the parking lot, watch out for the peacocks as the entire area is full of them;-)) 

Ho-Am Art Museum’s exhibition hall displays Korean traditional art (Buddhist Art, Paintings and Ceramic) on two floors. Even if the museum is quite small, all the objects are very well presented with perfect lightening. There is also a little art and souvenir shop. Though the art exhibition is not specifically intended for young kids, our preschoolers really enjoyed it – the general theme being “Dragon and Tigers” ^^. For adults, the collection is in all cases of great artistic value.

When you finish to visit the museum you can spend hours and hours in Hee Won Garden, a beautiful and traditional Korean garden. Everything in there is in perfect harmony – its lawns and groves, ponds, flowing waters, trees and flowers, animals and granfathers’ statues, wooden pavilions ….

Between the Museum and the main garden, take some free time at the charming Tea House outdoor area.

As all this place is so magic and you may probably want to stay longer there, don’t forget to take your picnic. There is a great spot for picnics just outside the garden by the lake.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

  • Closed on Monday, 1st of January, Korean Lunar New Year holidays & Chuseok


Adults 4,000 won / Children (Age 4-19) 3,000 won

Nearby golf resort

How to get there:

  • Bus: #5002 (Gangnam), #5800 (Gangbyon)
  • Free Shuttle bus operates between Everland and Ho-Am Art Museum (bus departs every hour from 9:00 to 17:00)
  • Car: Maseong T/G on Yeongdong Expressway

For more information go to Ho-Am Samsung Foundation

4 thoughts on “Ho-Am Art Museum with its Traditional Korean Garden

  1. Magnificent place! We went there today with our two kids.
    Thank you so much for sharing so many precious informations with all moms and dads in Korea!
    Wonderful blog!

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