Pocheon Art Valley

A former stone quarry turned into a beautiful stone sculpture park; vertiginous cliffs looking over an emerald lake and a 420-meter monorail ride to the peak of Cheonju Mountain

Pocheon Art Valley

Just 60 kilometers north of Seoul is located an amazing and pristine natural area called Pocheon Art Valley. Initially an abandoned quarry, in 2009 the area was transformed to an eco-friendly culture and art zone combining breathtaking views of forest, cliffs and lake. Even though the drive from Seoul is quite long with many stops and red lights (no expressway), Pocheon Art Valley is definitely worth visiting.

To start your visit, you have a choice to walk up the hill or take the monorail. As the path is quite steep I would recommend to ride the monorail to reach Cheonjuho Park, located at an altitude of 340 meters. While riding in the monorail, you will see a dense forest to the left and a granite cliff to the right.

After reaching the summit you’ll arrive to an open-air granite stone sculpture park. Enjoy the amazing views at the valley and surrounding mountains and then head to the marvelous emerald lake Cheonjuho (Cheonju Lake). This Emerald Lake fed by spring and rain water is a beautiful spot for pictures, picnics and just wandering around. The water is  incredibly clean and transparent and the cliffs so majestic…

Continue to walk up the hill around the lake and have fun on the spiral staircase leading you to the lower sculpture park. In this area you will find a playground, a coffee shop, free Zorb ball course and dozens of original sculptures you can touch and on which you can climb.Zorb ball

Pocheon Art Valley is a perfect place to spend your Saturday or Sunday out of the city. You’ll find several snack stalls in the park and a restaurant and family mart at the entrance.

There is also a very interesting Space Museum located in the highest section of the park. You will see models of satellites, depiction of planets from our Solar system, various interactive experiences as well as a 4D movie theater.

Opening Hours:

March – October : 9:00 – 19:00

November – February: 9:00 – 18:00


Adults – 3,000 won / Students – 2,000 won / Children (7-12) – 1,000 won


Adults – 3,500/4,500 won (one-way/return) / Students – 2,500/3,500 won / Children (7-12) – 1,800/2,500 won

For directions go to Seoul Map for Kids and Families (Tel: 031-538-3483)

For more information go to Pocheon Art Valley

 Pocheon Art Valley

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