Children’s Grand Park Seoul

Little zoo, botanical garden, playgrounds and amusement park all in one – Children’s Grand Park Seoul is the ultimate leisure place for kids and families in Seoul including a newly opened Children’s Museum

Children's Grand Park

Located in Gwangjin-gu, very close to the Konkuk University, Children’s Grand Park is a  nice and green place perfect for relaxing, picnicking, playing, watching animals or just simply taking a walk.Children's Grand Park

The park is full of attractions appealing to all ages. Starting from the main entrance, you will see first the Music Fountain showcasing a colorful array of water shows. Then take a walk in the funny statues and wide open space area until arriving to the huge playground. There is also a Water Playground – very popular place to cool down in summer.Children's Grand Park

Before you begin the visit of the zoo, there is a small amusement park with big water balls, kids bungee jumping, little cars and other attractions.Children's Grand ParkChildren's Grand Park

Your kids will love to watch elephants, lions, tigers, jaguars, long horn ox, deers, bears, monkeys, zebras, kangaroos and plenty of other animals in the zoo.  Don’t forget to stop by the Marine House to see seals and a polar bear as well as the Children’s Zoo, where you can touch and feed ponies and goats.

Children's Grand ParkChildren's Grand ParkChildren's Grand Park

There is also a pony and camel riding area just in front of the entrance to the zoo, as well as the Botanical Garden.Children's Grand ParkChildren's Grand Park

If you need a break, you will find a good choice of restaurants and small food shops all around the park.

Attention! Bikes, scooters or Rollerblades are not allowed in the park.Children's Grand Park

Opening hours:

  • Park 05:00 – 22:00
  • Zoo 10:00 – 17:00 (subject to change depending on weather conditions)

Admission fee:

  • Free (Park, Zoo, Botanical Garden)
  • Additional fee will apply for amusement park and pony/camel riding

How to get there:

  • Children’s Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 1.
  • Bus 3216, 4212, 2221, 3215, 130, 303, 9301 or 9403

Parking facilities:

  • Main entrance parking lot: 153 parking spaces
  • Rear entrance parking lot: 252 parking spaces
  • Guuimun entrance parking lot: 315 parking spaces

See Map for Kids & Families

For more information check the Children’s Grand Park websiteChildren's Grand ParkChildren's Grand Park

18 thoughts on “Children’s Grand Park Seoul

  1. Thank you for your blog! We are going to visit Seoul in April with our toddler girl. And i find very important information here! Look forward to see new posts!

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog when googling for children’s toys and I’m so grateful for it. I’m actually here without my toddler son, but will have him in September and this is such a great planning tool for when he’s here. I plan to visit some of the places he’ll be too young for before he arrives. So thank you for your wonderful site. You are during parents in Seoul a great service!

    The ages you list for admissions, are those Korean ages or regular ages? Thanks

    1. Thanks so much for your kind compliments – we’re happy if this is useful to anyone 🙂

      Usually admission ages refer to regular (western) counting. Hope you will enjoy your time in Seoul.

  3. Thank you for your blog. Please keep it up! We just moved to seoul and will surely visit a couple of the places you have mentioned! Thanks again.

  4. I’m glad I found your blog! We’ll be traveling there soon with our children and we look forward to visiting a lot of these places you’ve mentioned.

  5. Hi, we are travelling with our 3 kids to Korea in Dec. Will it be too cold to go to the Grand Park in Dec? Is the park very far from Lotte World? Thanks.

    1. Hi Christina
      December is usually very cold here in Korea with temperatures around -10ºC but most of the times it’s sunny and dry. You may do a short walk outside in Children’s Grand Park during the day and if it is too cold you can always spend several hours in Children’s Museum or go to see an Animal Show. It will take you approximatively 30 minutes by direct bus to go from Lotte World to Children’s Grand Park or 20 minutes by taxi.
      Enjoy your stay in Korea!

  6. Thank you for writing this blog. We are new in Seoul and with a two year old. Your blog is really helpful. Looking forward to updates

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